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    When you are in the market for superior quality yet low cost CNC Milled parts, look no further than Karuis CNC Milling factory precision CNC Milling services. At Karuis CNC Milling factory, our CNC milling services are a leading source for high quality, close tolerance component parts. Our investment in advanced CNC milling equipment enables us to offer CNC milling services to both high and low-volume orders with fast turnaround times and at a very competitive price point.
    CNC Milling Highlights:
    Our 3-axis and 4-axis vertical CNC milling centers, combined with our state-of-the-art CAD/CAM systems, enable us to rapidly and accurately manufacture CNC Milled parts with dimensions of up to 40" in length, 20" in width, and 25" in height.Typically accuracy is +/-0.001".
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