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      Welcome To Karuis Group

    Karuis Custom Metal Parts MFG Group is a precision CNC maching China manufacturer, precision machining China supplier,CNC machining China factory,precision metal parts machining China company. CNC Machining China means cost-effective precision machining services for your custom metal & plastic CNC machined parts.

    Our Precision CNC machining line include:

    · CNC machining China-Precision 3/4/5 axis machining service China.
    · CNC milling China-Precision CNC milling service China.
    · CNC turning China-Precision CNC turning service China.
    Products Galley
    Almost all CNC machining centers and quality inspecting equipments we use are imported from Europe and American.We are equiped with more than 50 word famous CNC machining centers and measuring equipment,such as DMG DMU-50 5 axis machining center,BROTHER S500X1 CNC machining center and TC-S2D tapping center, HEXAGON global 3D measuring equipment. Advanced machines make sure a steady and reliable quality in production.
    Karuis Custom metal parts have more than 20 years CNC machining
    experience.We specialled in high precision cnc machining of
    complex,tight tolerance and mission critical parts that widely
    used in aircraft,optical,wireless communication,industrial
    automotion and medical/health care area.
    We have fiften years services to Euro/American Customers,very familiar with your producing standards such as RoHS,ISO 2768,DIN7168,DIN17611,MIL-5541.
    Our factory offers one-stop services to our customers.
    Casting and post CNC machining,surface treat,assembling
    and testing.the whole process can be done by us. You just need to
    offer us your drawings and let us do all the rest of work for you.
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